Last Round – MY Aqualabel’s Private partayyyy


I’ve FINALLY come to the LAST ROUND of

It’s definitely not easy but this competition was an enriching one; I’ve learned alot through this competition. To the Aqualabel team,  it’s not just about how good you are at writing and blogging, it is also about how creative you are, your x-factor, your time management and whether you are someone who can communicate both on the internet and in real-life.

Basically, they are searching for an ALL-ROUNDER in my opinion!

In the first round, I was supposed to go down for an audition and blog about my favourite product.

I had Hui Jun together with me. And I feel so much at ease with her companionship.
And together we chiooong all the way to round 3, giving each other ample support and encouragement along the way.

Thank you Hui Jun!

Read here

For the second round, we have attended their workshop and learned a lot more about Aqualabel’s products. We were expected to share with our readers more about the workshop and hopefully pick up a trick or two on skincare.

More here

The third round was a challenging one where we were expected to do a short 30 sec video on our favourite products and allow fans of AQL to vote for us on their facebook page.

There you go


Your little support means alot to me.
Without your support, I’d not be able to arrive to ROUND 4:


And what?! My party was a blast!!! ALL 15 LADIES TURNED UP FOR MY PARTY!!
I’m so so so touched seriously.

I was the first blogger to kickstart the aqualabel’s party and I only had a week to prepare for this event and to send out the invitations. Honestly, I didn’t expect the responses to be so overwhelming. Most importantly, I know I have non-friends readers through this party!! HAHAHA.

It’s an affirmation to me.
And I’m glad to know my readers a little more. ^-^

I wanted to make this party uniquely Vivian’s, so I pasted handmade BLUE ROSE on the wall to match my theme: Blue and White!

And it’s not just one blue rose but



A wall filled with LOTS OF BLUE ROSES.




You like it?

I can’t help but to say it’s ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.

Also, many thanks to Ling and my sister for coming down earlier to help me out with the decorations and to set up the place. *Hugs

At last, everything was ready.
Decorations. Checked.
Powerpoint Slides. Checked.
Table settings. Checked.
Time. 6.50pm.

Eagerly waiting for the other ladies to arrive!!
This will be the first time meeting some of my readers!!
The thought of interacting with them makes me shudder with fear but yet at the same time excited!

P/S: I love my Blue and White dress for the night!!

Had the opportunity to take some pictures of the earlier girls.

See… I do have readers ok!

Started my presentation proper after all the guests have arrived.

O.O My expression looks cute here. HAHA.

I was teaching my readers how to achieve radiant and fair skin like that of Fann Wong and Yvonne’s.

I wish you girls were here, but aww you are not.
So too bad!
: x

The girls who were there were also very excited to have their own FREE  MINI FACIAL SESSION on the spot!!



I was there to teach them the correct order and techniques to apply the products!

Look at how much fun this is!
All girls were busy pampering their skin!

How can I miss out the WHITENING MASK?

This is the first time I’m seeing so many girls putting the face mask at the same time.
What a rare sight!



It was Q&A and lucky dip next.
Girls who were able to answer my questions correctly were given free whitening sheet mask sponsored by me!

All the sheet masks were placed inside these envelopes.

And only 1 lucky winner was able to win this cute polka dot gift from me.
Also sponsored by me!

Congratulations to all the lucky winners of the night!!
Hope you girls love the gifts by me and also the starter trial set sponsored by Aqualabel.



Hope all of you have fun!

Love you girls !


Oh yes, sweet sweet blogger Lynn got me this!!

Very nice cookies

How sweet can she be?
She even offered help for my party!!!

Here’s a picture of Lynn and me. 🙂
Thanks girl!

With Aqualabel, we all deserve to be beautiful! =)

And with this, that’s the end of my Aqualabel’s blogging competition.
Thank you for walking this journey with me.

Here’s the very last step that you can help me with:
Comment on this blog post!!
Would love to see ur comments. Hehe.


20 thoughts on “Last Round – MY Aqualabel’s Private partayyyy

      1. Yah, I’m really like not shy lor!
        Part of the entertainer clan like that. I even entertain your friends! LOL. They was looking at me and smile to themselves.

        DIE, no images liaos.

      2. HAHAHAHA! Good leh! Thank you for helping me to entertain my friends!!! hehehe. And oh the cookies damm nice!

  1. GREAT! You have come this far and i can see the hard work you put in throughout this competition. Last of all, hope that you’ll emerge as one of the winners and walk away with the Japan trip. Best of luck, vivian:)

    1. Thank you Hui Mei!!! I do hope I can be one of the winners! But most importantly I’ve learned so much in this competition. hehe.

  2. i am waiting for this post! Hehe! Totally enjoyed myself and thanks for all the effort!! You did really well and all the best!! 🙂

  3. I was one of the 15 guests 🙂 , Lynn’s friend..
    I did enjoyed the party and learn quite alot from you.
    Very informative and detailed presentation.
    May you emerge as the winner ! (:

  4. wow,wish i was there too.looks and sounds really fun,it shd fun doing mask together:)U have reali put in lots of effort in this competition.ALL THE BEST,VV:)))

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