My aunt’s 61st! BLAST!

Just returned home from my aunt’s 61st birthday celebration at Hilltop Restaurant.

Pardon my messy bed; the point here is I’m all dolled up today!!

Oh yes, my fringe has officially reached the end of my nose.
It’s been long since I have long fringe and I can make a big curry pok on my head now. LOL.

Keeping them for the time being cos it makes my face looks longer and not so kiddish!

Had a bit of champagne, red wine, orange juice and tea.
Yes…a little of everything nice.

This place is nice cos we get to SING SONGS!! =D

Mummy singing song …

Oh yes, Prawn made this really nice pop-up card for my aunt!!
He didn’t sleep this morning despite having night shift last night and stayed awake to make this card for her!!

How awesome?!

Prawn is very proud of his creation.
Me too. 🙂

Finally got the chance to wear this playsuit again.
I really love this playsuit just that I don’t have that much occasion to wear it out.

Bleah… =p

My boyfie and I. We are looking more and more alike man seriously!

Dad and mum. Lao fu lao qi.

Sis and her boyfie. This is how sad love songs should be sang. HAHA

Me: Let’s make FUNNY FACES at the camera!
Prawn: Eh….why you still look so pretty! Not fair! I make pig face leh.

My face looks as if it can be molded into something else! Hahahah.

This should be ugly enough right?!

Don’t care…need another pretty one to make up for it.

May you stay healthy and happy always! :>


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