Believe in yourself with B.liv !

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It’s B.liv 365 days BIRTHDAYYY!!

I totally enjoyed using them, so I hosted a partayyy for them!!!!

Aww…look at these babies;
they are so cute, colourful and  have their own unique names too!

For those who haven’t heard of B.liv, you got to continue reading!

The word B.liv stands for believe and it constitutes 2 syllabus BE and LIVE.

BE confident
LIVE for the moment
BELIEVE in yourself

The products are designed to help tackle problem skins such as

Large Pores
Dry Skin
Acne prone skins

I had the opportunity to let them help me with my large pores, blackheads and my oily skin. I’ve started using them for a week and I’m really impress with them.

Hence, I’m treating them to yummylicous cookies at their partayyy!

I can tell that they are really enjoying themselves!!

Ok. I’m gonna introduce their names to you.
So you can stop calling them the common names like moisturizer, serums and yadda yadda. Honestly, they’ve got more personality than you know!


First up, the purple babies who can help you with your LARGE PORES.
And they are called Shrink and Tighten.

This serum is really light-weight and I usually use them in the morning. I applied about 2 pumps onto my palm and smooth them all over my face in circular motions, especially on areas that have large pores.

At night, I use this large pores diminishing night complex instead. She’s on night shift and promise to make my pores look smaller overnight!

Oh and she’s really warm on my skin. I could feel that warm sensation when I applied it to my pores. And she’s the cutest! Cos she’s soo small compared to the rest of them.

I love this! My pores are smaller after using it and that area feels smoother than before!

The next baby is equally awesome too!
She’s called off with those heads.
Yeah…and she fights with all the black and white heads!

I apply just one pump of this gel serum only on my T-Zone area because that’s the place where I have my ugly black and white heads! This serum gives a cool sensation when applied. I have lesser white heads after using it for a week!

This is my favourite baby of them all.
And she’s called Quench Me !

She’s supeer light-weight and I felt like I wasn’t wearing anything!!
She’s the MOST LIGHT-WEIGHT moisturizer I’ve ever used.
Combination skin like mine is best suitable to use a gel moisturizer like her.
My skin feels less oily after using her!

Oh and I love her smell! Not empowering but just enough to make me feel refreshed!

For that extra moisture, do not forget about this baby mask called Leach Me.
She contains ingredients that will help refine your lines, vanish your dryness and restore your healthy glow!

I love this mask as it is not as flimsy and it stays and fits my face pretty well!
She does her job for me weekly!

And they are super hygienic workers; they came in the form of pumps so that they will not be contaminated with our diry fingers.
How thoughtful!

Just look at my skin after a week of usage below!!

I swear no photo editing is done on my skin.

My pores are smaller, blackheads & whiteheads are reduced and my skin glows from within! A sign of good hydration!!



Zero pores and blackheads are loveee!

LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE! Ok lah, I do not have major skin problems even before using the products. But as you can see from my Before picture, I do have slightly bigger pores and oilier skin.  Unfortunately my camera is not good enough to capture my blackheads. But there ARE blackheads. After using B.liv, my pores and blackheads have significantly reduced. I now have smoother skin!


Best of all, they promised to deliver the results in 14 days!
I’m yearning to see even obvious results in another week’s time!

They say they will work harder for me after this party.

Click here to learn more about B.liv products!!

Thank you B.liv and thesamplestore ! 🙂


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