Clean your makeup CONVENIENTLY


I love putting makeup. Painting colours on my face is a joy to me especially when I can become prettier and have flawless skin within an hour.

Yes. I do have all the time in the world to paint my face using different makeup tools and colours especially during weekends!

So usually during the weekend, I’ll have full makeup on:

That’s a huge load of things on my face.
On top of that, I still have my sunblock on.

But I’m pretty for the day.
So I’m happy for the day.

Yes the happiness is only temporary. Cos when I’m about to go home, I’d start to worry …

I’m worried about the removal of my makeup!!


I used 1 hour to do my makeup, so does that means I have to spend ANOTHER ONE HOUR trying to remove my makeup?!

Especially my eyemakeup which can be a pain in the ass at times.
It can take quite awhile for the waterproof mascara to be removed completely.
Sometimes when I can’t remove them completely, I’d hop onto the bed just like that.
This is bad cos the risk of me getting eye infection would be very very high …

But then again, I want to SLEEP instead of spending so much time removing them!



I’m sure you have the same problem with me right??!

Luckily I’m introduced to BIORE MAKEUP REMOVALS which saved my life from agony!!


I’ve done reviews on the hydra clear makeup removal (blue bottle) before, so I’m gonna skip that.

This lovely pink bottle is makeup removal for the eye & lip.

And I’m seriously amazed by it.
Sorry, I have no other vocab to describe this removal except for the word AMAZING.

Tip: Always remove your contact lenses before removing your eye makeup.

1. Shake the bottle well before using.
2. Soak a piece of cotton wool with the removal
3. Place the cotton wool over your eyes for 15 sec and gently swipe your eye makeup off.

The amazing thing is it really cleans off my eye makeup effortlessly and I spend less than 3 mins on each eye! This cleanser is so gentle to my eyes that it didn’t sting or cause any uncomfortable irritation. It is not oily as well.

Now here’s something even better. I did not experience any dropping of lashes!!
Goes to show that I didn’t have to tug my lashes much when removing mascara!!


That’s my eye makeup on a piece of cotton!

For those of you who always reach home at unearthly hours and simply want to get rid of your makeup conveniently and ASAP, you can try Biore Cleansing oil cotton sheets.

I love this box because I can store the sheets neatly and refill them after I’ve finished them.

My face doesn’t feel oily using them and my makeup can be removed completely using this. I’d use them when I’m lazy or when I’m travelling. Sometimes if I make mistake on my makeup, I’d use them to remove it so that I don’t have to start all over again!


I bring the travel pack around with me and use them to wipe off my makeup if they smudge or remove them on a cab ride home.


Yeah …that’s all my makeup on the cotton sheet!


Check out my video to see the transformation of the hand on the left to the hand on the right using the makeup removal!



Just click the link below:


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