My dress-up days

It dawned upon me that I’ve collected 36 looks on my Stylemob account!
Here’s some of them ….

I don’t dress to kill. These are just comfortable clothings on me that represents me! I reckon my style is a mixture of lady like and chic look! Whenever I wore something too girly, I’d balance it with something more 中性, like animal prints, studs, oxfords, harem pants, chunky bangles etc.

Not sure if you can spot it, but there are variations to my hairstyle! Straight, curly, wavy, long and short. hahaha! Most of the time I like it all down or tied it side ways.

Dressing up is my hobby. Is it your hobby too?


6 thoughts on “My dress-up days

  1. haha yes! ur hairstyle really changes quite a lot! but i think the current one suits u well=)
    it makes u look mature and natural~~

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