Treat & Style your hair

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The first step to having beautiful hair is to wash and condition your hair with the correct shampoos and conditioners. But that’s not enough if you want to stand out!

You’ll have to TREAT AND STYLE
your hair as well!

With LIESE, the styling of hair becomes effortless!

You can re-create these hairstyles with Liese!
Awesome or what?!

But wait … do you know how to pronounce Liese?





The correct pronounciation should be LEEZAY

Now you know, so don’t pronounce it wrongly in the store anymore! So malu!



Today I am going to do a hairstyle tutorial for you girls!


HyoYeon’s Gee Hairstyle

But everytime after I bathe, my hair always looks like this.

Curls look dead, flat, dry and no life !
And the hair ends look poker straight.

So the first step is to treat my hair with Liese Hair Cocktail

This serum helps to nourish and smoothen dry frizzy hair with its anti-frizz oil!
Very very important for permed hair because they get frizzy easily.
Unlike other serum, this one can be used on either dry or damp hair.
Do shake well before use. : )

This is how the serum looks like when pour out.

Woo…I smell peach!

Even curled hair can be comb through effortlessly. Always use a comb with bigger tooth for permed hair.

I’m going to tie up the side plaits first before defining my curls.

Only half section of the hair for an illusion of a longer plaits.

These are the clips I’m talking about! They have all sort of designs nowadays!
Easy isn’t it?!

Next I’m going to define my curls using
Liese Clear Cube Wax 04

The number represents the holding strength; so the bigger the number, the stronger the holding strength is. This is for permed hair.

See my curls are all defined now! It helps to add an airy and bouncy finish to my curls.
It doesn’t give or feel stiff at all! Most importantly it doesn’t weigh my hair down!
And I like the smell of it; very fruity unlike other wax.

Before using the wax (pic on the left) the curls are very loose and dry. After using the wax (pic on the right), the curls came alive! And very bouncy too!

Finish the look by wearing a fedora hat over it!

This is really a very doable hairstyle. You should try it yourself!
If you have straight hair, you’ll have to curl your hair first with a curler.

You’ll also look good if you decide to let your perm hair down! So fluffy and bouncy waves!

Soft, fluffy and airy hairstyle is the trend now.
You can spot them everywhere on magazines.
Of course I need a dye job.

A hat is the best accessories! See how easy it is to achieve this Jap look. : )

With Liese, treating and styling of hair becomes easy and simple as 123!

PSSS: Curls always look good if you do style them properly.
Lack of hair care and proper styling always make curls look shitty!

So choose the correct product and start taking good care ofย  ur curls!

Liese can be purchased at all Watsons, Gurdians and other selected supermarkets!

Click here to join Liese’s FB page now! : ))

Thank you and Liese for this sponsorship.


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