Need a rest

Since the start of the semester, I’ve been churning assignments and projects like its never gonna end. And I’m soooo tired.

I’ve completed 3 essays, 1 80 min presentation, 1 powerpoint, 1 killer test so far …
Am currently still doing 2 essays and 1 30 min presentation.
If you think that’s that. It’s a hell NO.
After I’ve completed the above mentioned, I will still be left with 2 bloody essays.


Can you please count for me?? Just how many assignments do I have this semester?

AND …. after every single assignment has been cleared, I have to start on my revision because it will be the EXAM PERIOD!



But obviously if I’m gonna stay home all weekend just because I have so much to do and complete, I’ll be a total geek. So I’ve 2 gatherings coming up and a modelling job pending. And I can’t wait for xmas to be here and all the gifts exchange. Oh & of course Hui Mei’s 20th, Yu Fung’s 21st and Prawn’s 21st. It’d be so much fun yeah?


8 thoughts on “Need a rest

  1. I probably won’t get to see you guys the whole of December =( But I promise to buy nice things for you girls.

    Meanwhile, jiayou ❤

    I miss you VIVIE!

  2. Yup!
    I going to Korea one day after my exam ends, then 2 days after I return from Korea going to Taiwan!

    Will only be back 2 days b4 sch reopens in JAN!!

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