My leg is breaking!

My leg is breaking!! I’ve been walking about since the morning 7.30am!! Other than lunch and dinner break, I’ve not sit down at all.  And I’ve been walking under the sun for at least 4 hours. Pray that I don’t get any shade darker!
Seriously, this is how crazy today has been.

*These pictures’ concept came from btw. : ) Really creative idea!

But today was fun, really fun! A great day out with my classmates. Will show you guys the pictures some other day. Too tired to really blog the details or upload the pictures.

And my day is sooo crazy all thanks to the SHOPPING SPREE I had with Ling. Shoikness to max! : ) We are really budget barbies for the day! Comb the whole of Bugis and got ourselves some really really cheap buys!

Like the flower hair clip that I’m wearing. It’s 3 for $5! Awesome or what? Got 3 colours at once shot! I bought $3 tank top, $15 jeans short pants, $24 chio leopard print studded cardi. Really really love all my buys esp the leopard print cardi. ^–^

Going to bath now. I stink. : p


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