Chill and relax

Caught The Social Network the other day and honestly I didn’t quite like the movie despite its high rating and all. It’s kind of boring and I almost fell asleep in some part of the show!

Anw, before the movie, we chilled out at Bali Lane Nabin. ^^
The shop is sooo cosy and it’s very very very dim in there which explains the grainy pictures.

Shared a cup of Yogurt Mango Drink. Delicious!!

Big chunky fries!! ❤

Actually my face is not really in a photography mode cos my eyes are damm puffy due to erm…lack of rest? But still … I took loads of pics as usual. HAHA.

Had our dinner here and seriously the portion is sooo smalllll that we felt cheated! Too bad, Zam Zam was full of people that day and we couldn’t have our dinner there instead.

Prawn has a beautiful voice! I cannot stop smiling to myself when I listen to his singing over and over again. =)
Best of luck Prawn.


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