Day 01 of challenge

Day 01 – A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself


1. I’m an introvert and I’m not very sociable. But I can become a totally different person when it comes to work.

2. I may be small in size but don’t step on my toes or I will definitely scream at you.

3. I detest dolling up since young till the end of Primary school.

4. I detest picture taking when I was young.

5. I always have the motivation to start something but not ending it.

6. I believe in Astrology most of the time. But I choose not to believe that Capricorns and Aries don’t work out cos I have alot of good friends who are  Capricorns and my bf is is a Capricorn too.

7. I hate preachings. So stop telling me how great your god is.

8. I want my first relationship to last forever. (It’s every girl’s wish!)

9. I like Chinese but I read more of English Novels. Currently, I listen more of English songs too.

10. I start writing journals when I was 7 years old.

11.  I like to ogle at pretty girls more than handsome guys.

12. I love to pamper my skin. Love to 保养 a lot ever since I’m financially capable of doing so.

13. I wish I can still keep in contact with my Primary School Chinese Teacher.

14. I trim my own eyebrows and sometimes cut my own hair.  O.O

15. I suddenly became a lifestyle blogger. lol.

16. I took part in a DJ hunt competition after my Os with NO MAKEUP on. Very brave right?!

17. I used to think my secondary sch prom dress is pretty. Now when I look back, I looked hideous in it and w/o makeup just makes things worse.

18. I’m amazed at how independent I am at times. I bought and carried a PC home myself!

… Errr.. Exceeded 15 facts cos I suddenly overwrite. HAHAHA. I wish I can do the same for my essay! 😛


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