Day 02 challenge

Day 02 – The meaning behind your WordPress name

I thought I would do this cos I really really need to take a break from work. Say 15 mins? Yup. And I’m down with a flu now. Why do I keep getting sick this sem??!


Anw, this is not my first blog setup but this is definitely my first wordpress blog. All my previous blog names start with A (ariesapril, aishiteru, a-darn-mess) because I like it that A is the first in the list. But after a long while,  I also realised that blogs named with A doesn’t last. =.= For whatever reasons, I stopped blogging then.

And when I come back to blogmosphere, I decided that I want something different this time round, something which is easier to remember and close to me. I named it Vivianism because it just appeared in my brain somehow. AND it sounds cool right? Like some kind of Vivian’s theory or something. hahaha.

So yeah, Vivianism has been around since 2009 and I hope you girls/guys like it as much as I do.    🐱


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