Stockings and Leggings!

Day 08 – Short term goals for this month and why
My goals for this month is to complete ALL remaining assignments. Yup! And why? Isn’t the reason obvious?

Day 09 – Something which I’m proud of these few days

Happy cos I finally packed my wardrobe. And wow, I have “new” clothes to wear now. I even dug out plenty of leggings and stockings …. green, blue, black, grey, purple ….
Stockings and leggings for this season!

I really wish Singapore gets colder though the temperature now is good.

Now you know why I need such a big wardrobe. : p
Part of it is needed to store my never ending accessories!

Just thinking maybe I can do an outfit post daily.
And also contemplating to change my curtain into those lacey kind. Damm dreamy! Hehe.


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