Day 13 challenge

I think day 12’s question is uninteresting – how I find out about wordpress. So I’m gonna skip to day 13’s question.

Day 13 ā€“ A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear YOU,

It is apparent that your foolish act has caused the friendship between the 2 of us to suffer. I’m more than unwilling to end this friendship between us but I’m sorry. This incident has gone so out of hand that I no longer know how to face you or accept you as a friend anymore. You know how hard I cried over you? No, you don’t. The action that you did was really upsetting, considering the fact that you are the ONLY one in that particular group who knows me personally. But what’s MORE UPSETTING is the lame excuses you churn out to explain your action. I thought you were nice and good and all and I’ve never once spoken ill about you behind your back, not even a single one of them in that group. I know you did all these because you wanted to fit into that group. But sorry, I found out. I’m glad that you are out of my life now. I no longer feel irritated, upset or angry when I hear your name because YOU DON’T MATTER anymore. May karma and your insecurity haunts you.
Goodbye to you FOREVER.



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