Kinohimitsu Supplementary Drinks Sponsorship


Guess what?!

I was one of the 3 bloggers selected by Confirm Trading for the sponsorship of

Kinohimitsu Supplementary Drinks 



I’m given 6 bottles of Cranberry J’pan D’tox Juice which is a 6-day programe that is said to be able to flush out toxins from my bowel within 2-4 hours, without disrupting my daily life.

And also 30 bottles of Collagen J’pan Beauty Drink. I’m supposed to drink it for a month and it is said to be the most effective way to restore youthful vitality to skin – not only on my face but my whole body including the neck, bust & bum. And it doesn’t contain additives!

All Kinohimitsu products possess NATURE-BASED EXTRACTS that is important for nature’s self regulating system. Yeah. I love NATURAL PRODUCTS.

I’ve been eating a lot of junk food recently and I’m developing fine lines on my neck and forehead! My pores are also kind of huge. Can’t wait to detox my body and plump my skin up with collagen.

There are also other kind of supplementary drinks by Kinohimitsu such as J’pan UV-Bright Drink for people who want fairer skin and J’pan BustUp Drink for people who want to UP their cup size. View all their products here


I will be sharing about the Kinohimitsu during this 1 week detox programe and 1 month beautifying skin programe. So do check back.

Confirm Trading is an established company importing and distributing a wide range of premium quality health and beauty products. Do be a fan of their FB page if you have not here . Sometimes they do organize giveaway, so join them!! Doesn’t cost you a single cent anyway. : )

Psss: There will be quite abit of “commercial break” these few days. But I can assure you it’s super useful and I can’t wait to share with you girls all the secrets to being beautiful !!!
: )


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