Dare to reveal your own skin

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I have tested Rojukiss STIM White Cell Natural for a month! (The pink ones) So do read on if you want to know if these products work to give you fairer, brighter skin!

Above is how the actual products look like.

I was sponsored STIM white cell SERUM (light and brown) and STIM white cell sunblock.
For the serum, light is for light skin tone which gets darker and brown is for brown spots such as acne scars and freckles which are difficult to solve.

Not only do the products work to fade scars and freckles so as to achieve fairer skin, it also contains Pink Blushing White Growth that helps to give your face a radiant, blushing effect.

This is how the serum looks like when poured out. It is very watery and can be very easily absorbed easily into the skin. I normally applied 3 or 4 drops of the light serum on the entire face, followed by the brown serum on areas which are needed.

*Serum is always after toner and before moisturizer.

Although I’m pretty fair now, I still suffer from uneven complexion, especially on my forehead. I only discovered it when I took a picture; my forehead is a bit darker than the rest of my face!

Left: Before. Right: After

I’m pretty amazed with the results. Pictures don’t lie. My forehead is a lot fairer and brighter. Somehow they look more radiant too!

This product didn’t give me any breakouts and I’m glad.

I had some freckles and acne scar near my left eye and no matter what I do, they just won’t disappear!

Left: Before Right: After

I had to put on a lot of concealor just to conceal this portion in the past.
But after using it for a month, I noticed that the freckles have become lighter and the red acne scar has become smaller too! Now even my BB cream can help to conceal the spots.

So it does work!

Moving onto Sunscreen. This is how it looks like when poured out.

*Please remember to shake well before use.

The sunblock has a UV PA50+++, waterproof and great for outdoor use. It helps to protect the skin from the sun for 12 long hours! The texture is very watery and light. It does not leave a white cast on the skin. There is a slight sheen after applied but does not feel sticky on the skin. The downside is I think my face produced more oil after using this sunblock. So I guess this is not very suitable for oily skin.



With Rojukiss, you don’t need Black and White picture anymore! Show your true bright and radiant skin colour to all your friends now!

P/SS: Rojukiss products will be available at Guardian during Mid-December! Or visit Guardian’s two new stores in Serangoon Nex and Marina Bay Sands in the beginning of December for their sneak previews.

Thank you Confirm Trading !


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