Day 18 challenge

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Day 18 – Plans/dreams/goals you have

1. I want to be able to survive in my working industry for at least 4 years.
2. I want to save up enough money for my next 2 years of no-pay studies.
3. I want to keep my blog going even after I start working.
4. I want to increase my blog’s readership.
5. I want to paint my room and change certain things.
6. I need to get pressies for the xmas exchanges.
7. I need to plan my bf’s birthday celebration.
8. I need to dye my hair.

But right now, I need to work hard on my assignment and study smart for my exam.
Good luck to those who are on the same boat as me. : )


Sorry I love to play with photo editing as much as I love to see my face on my blog. :p


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