So I’ve completed the DETOX process

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I’ve just finished 6 cute bottles of Kinohimitsu Detox Drinks!!
You can view 2 of my entries regarding this

here and here

Anw, like I said on my previous entry, I didn’t experience defecation on the first night and had a only a little weee bit on the second night.

I’ve to warn you girls, THIS IS NOT A LAXATIVE! It is not supposed to make you run to the loo like you are gonna die. Well, technically speaking you are supposed to go to the loo to unleash all the toxics in your body 2 to 4 hours after taking it, but definitely not to the extreme of lao sai-ing.

This drink comes in 2 flavours; the plum and the cranberry! I’m glad I was sponsored CRANBERRY! Loveee berries and you should be aware that berries are very good anti-oxidant!

I poured the last bottle out in a mini cup for you all to see how it looks like because I’m curious myself too!
*Mini cup belongs to me; it doesn’t come with drinks purchased.

The taste was okay for the first few times but after awhile I started linking it to the taste of medicine. I don’t know why too! haha! But other girls found it to be sweet though! : )

Anw, I didn’t experience defecation on the third night as well. Is it because I don’t have toxics to clear?! hahah! Cannot be! So I decided to change my routine; I drank it during the day time instead.

AND poof, I had my defecation on the forth day! But sad to say, I experience nothing again on day 5 and day 6.

I think I need more than 6 bottles to have obvious effect.

I supposed the result varies from individuals. But I think it’d be nice to drink it daily just to maintain our skin and health. It is not easy to find natural products that contains no addictive like this in the market. And I’m really glad this didn’t broke my skin out or made me run to the loo and affect my life. (I was so scared when my mum told me that she tried XX brand of detoxification before and it made her skin broke out! )

Above are the places where you can get your Kinohimitsu Drinks.

P/S: I’m going to start the Kinohimitsu Collagen Drinks soon and will update ya’ll too!

Just to let you know, if you are interested to try out the Collagen or Bust up, there’s a limited edition year-end pack @ $39.90 for 10 bottles of Kinohimitsu Collagen/Bust Up. Usual price is $39.90 for only 6 bottles.


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