I love Jeanette Aw!!

Can’t help but to share a picture of Jeanette Aw with her Breakout image. Love her outfits, hairdo and makeup in this show! It’s just perfect. Makes me never want to straighten my hair anymore. : ) But of course, her acting rawks hardcore too.

Just got my photoshoot pictures from ilovebeingreal . The pictures look so pretty! But I think there’s something wrong with my smile; like a little weary. Should work on it more.
And my hair is a disaster. Can’t wait to re-dye my hair after the exams.


8 thoughts on “I love Jeanette Aw!!

  1. Jeanette Aw is like so cool in the 9pm breakout show. i love this show man!:) haha. First time both of them took on the role of a bad villain.

  2. cos u r tired out!! must rest well, if not you’ll look like me – dried up and old lol..

    is the show nice? i’m missing out on all the local pdtns.. hopefully can watch it somewhere ;p

    1. yes yes! its not bad actually! all the goody people suddenly all become baddies! And jeanette is v chio there. ❤ ahahha! maybe u can try xinmsn?

      1. i tried watching! jeanette aw so cool looking sia.. oo and my elvin ng lol…

        i find it a little too ‘heavy’ for me leh.. i think i only like jeannette aw’s and christopher lee’s acting.. e rest like quite drama-mama like that =x

  3. I think her acting gt improve. I always think her acting abit fake, but she looks natural in this show =) And yes the hair damn chiO!

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