Taking a trip down memory lane (3)

From short hair to long hair; from straight hair to curls.
With makeup or without makeup. With specs or without specs.
We’ve seen it all.

From summer to autumn to winter.
From pri to sec to poly and to uni.
We’ve been through it.

We’ve been to as near as Penang and as far as China.
We’ll definitely be travelling some time soon again.

We’ve even seen each other laugh, cry, stress and angry;
not just on the stage but in real as well.

This is for the friend who has been with me through the good and bad times.
Thank you for being part of my life.
Can’t wait for all the funs we gonna have after the exams!


2 thoughts on “Taking a trip down memory lane (3)

  1. wah! xia dao wo!! i came and saw alot of my face and some ancient photos which i don’t have! LOL! luckily you put a chio image as the first one! hahaha!

    Thanks for the post! I’m very touched!!! *HUGS* and jiayou for exams!!!! lets go shopping after it! can’t wait to be release from the stress!

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