Look Kawaii!! (Giveaway included)

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Makeup is really wonderful! You can be a Korean one day and a Japanese another day!

We all know Koreans are known for their FLAWLESS SKIN with makeup that is almost naked to the eyes. But nope, lets not look like Korean this December! Play with your makeup and be a JAPANESE or a TAIWANESE for once! πŸ˜€

Saw this picture and I thought she’s really cute!!! Would love to have her hair, her eyes and her SKIN!! And she just have this CUTENESS MAXIMUM AURA around her! πŸ˜€

I once wanted this length of hair but it’s so difficult to maintain! πŸ˜₯

So this is my version of Kawaii-ness!

Anw … to look Kawaii, you can start by having KAWAII NAILS.
My art piece using only a toothpick. Mia Hiam Buay Pai lah.


But *sigh!!! These few days my skin is under really bad condition due to poor sleep, lack of rest and unhealthy diet. See my forehead? Pimple scar. See my left cheek near the chin? Pimple scars!

*P/S: pardon my hair first cos I just came out of a bath! Nobody looks good after a bath lah seriously!

And guess what? My secret to ELIMINATE ALL SCARS and FRECKLES isΒ  the use of BIO-ESSENCE 8 IN 1 BIO-MULTI-EFFECT BB CREAM

This is how it looks like when you squeeze out of the tube.
Don’t worry. Most BB cream appears darker in shade when you first squeeze out.
It will blend into your skintone after you apply it onto your skin.

So what’s that 8 benefits of this BB cream?
Concealing, sun block, skin repair, moisturizing, oil control, nourishment, reduction of wrinkles and lines and whitening into one bottle!

  1. It has a smooth velvety texture to provide a natural and flawles finishing.
  2. Refines pores and whitens complexion.
  3. Provides lasting hydration to prevent skin dryness & regulates oil secretion.
  4. Nourishes skin with the essential nutrients and mineral elements to revitalize skin.
  5. Improves skin texture for smoother, softer, refined and fairer skin.
  6. Protects skin from harmful UV rays.

*Test was done on an ORANGE.

We all know ORANGE is known for its rough and big pores skin!
Look at how the BB cream actually covers up most of the pores??! And it was without much effort!

This is me after I applied the BB cream solely!
Can see or not?! All my scars are gone!!

This is the first BB cream that I’ve used that is able to give me that maximum coverage.
I would say it is really really thick that it felt like Liquid Foundation!!
It gives me enough dewy glow that makes my skin looks really soft, porcelain and glowy.

But natural? Maybe not.

Put on the rest of your makeup. FALSIES are important if you want to look extremely dolly!!

Oh my. I am a living doll for real!

Don’t forget to do your hair too! Fluffly Curls are extremely dolly!

I’d use Bio-Essence 8-in-1 Multi Purpose BB Cream with SPF25/PA++ in replacement of any foundation!

No, I don’t need them anymore. : )

(Brought to you by thesamplestore.sg and Bio-Essence)

Here’s a giveaway!! Postage and product sponsored by ME!

Good Luck Babes.
It’s BRAND NEW of course. : )

P/SS: Do you know that Bio-Essence has come out with 3 type of BB creams?
From left: Bio-Multi-Effect BB cream (for coverage), Bio-Platinum BB cream (f0r whitening) and Aqua BB cream (for moisture)

I will do another review on another Bio-Essence BB cream soon. ^_^


19 thoughts on “Look Kawaii!! (Giveaway included)

  1. Why I want to win this bb cream because , i want to be like you ! So kawaii like a living doll, Plus my cca is dragonboat exposing to harmful uv rays to me will cause my skin turn v bad ); . With this bb cream, i can protect my skin from the harmful uv rays and at the same time it repairs and moisturizing my skin ! ((; So , I can do my cca without worry, ^^v

  2. Why do I deserve this BB cream? That’s because I want to have a fairer facial skin tone! The last time I had the fair skin tone was when I stayed at home for a year, (yes, you din’t see wrongly, its A YEAR!) but when I returned to school days life, I am no longer than fair again which is such a sad thing. 😦 What’s more I’m a mini fan of bio-essence with their sleeping mask, tanaka white and facial wash, its time to try some more new products of theirs. πŸ˜‰

  3. i have been looking for a bb cream that suitable for me.. i tried lots of bb cream, but till end of the day, all my makeup gone.. my dark circle, pimple scar, uneven skin tone all appear making my skin look so dull and lifeless.. i don’t want to be a boring office lady, i wan to be a lovely doll! that why i wish to win this bb cream.. and change my life.. is time to move on, 2011 is coming..

  4. I would like to have this BB Cream cause i want to have a flawless skin. Bacause i have many pimple and big pore. I need something really good at coverage to cover all those scar and pore. I tried so many type of bb cream and foundation still doesn’t perfect for me. I need something better. I think this is the one!!! 8 Function together Concealing, sun block, skin repair, moisturizing, oil control, nourishment, reduction of wrinkles and lines and whitening!! I hope i can win this.. =)

  5. I would like to win this BB cream so that I can cover up all my unsighly pimple scars!!! who says those who have ance-prone skin can’t have flawless looking skin! =)

  6. People call me the QUEEN of BB creams, and I aint kidding because I have so many of them! I like to try different kinds of BB creams, and looking at your review, I’m absolutely WON OVER. This BB cream would be the best Xmas gift ever, and another wonderful product to add to my collection of BB creams that I can never get sick of!

    I hope you’ll give me a chance to win this product, so that I can look flawless and radiant that even Mr Santa Claus would want to KISS ME ❀

  7. Hello Vivian!
    I hope I would be able to win this BB cream from you!
    I am 18 years old already, but I have never tried any make-up before, mainly because I have many acne scars and my pores are like super huge, so I don’t think applying make-up will help. The other reason is that I don’t have a boyfriend so I don’t think it is necessary for me to put make-up.
    But after reading your post on this Bio-Essence 8-in-1 Multi Purpose BB Cream, I really feel like giving it a try! I hope it will make me a more confident person. I like how this BB Cream is a all-in-one BB Cream. All these features are applicable to me, seriously!

    1. It has a smooth velvety texture to provide a natural and flawless finishing.

    (I want to look natural!! I don’t want my friends to think, β€œaiyo why you change already, suddenly put make-up until so thick!” )

    2. Refines pores and whitens complexion.

    (Yes, I am seriously in need of this, my pores are super huge as mentioned earlier on, I hope this BB Cream will be able to refine my pores!)

    3. Provides lasting hydration to prevent skin dryness & regulates oil secretion.

    (My dermatologist has said that my skin belongs to the outside-oily-inside-dry type, so hopefully, this BB Cream will improve my condition!)

    4. Nourishes skin with the essential nutrients and mineral elements to revitalize skin.

    (Yay, definitely an additional plus, this BB Cream further proves the fact that make-up do not have to be unhealthy for the skin!)

    5. Improves skin texture for smoother, softer, refined and fairer skin.

    (I want a smoother skin texture, because my skin have some holes, almost like the skin of an orange!:( )

    6. Protects skin from harmful UV rays.

    (This is one of the most important feature for me, as now I am studying in Tourism Academy@ Sentosa, and imagine going Sentosa every day, and the sun there is like scorching hot, definitely hotter than other parts of Singapore! So, with this BB Cream, I can look my best and at the same time, protecting myself from the UV rays! )

    Vivian, xuan wo xuan wo xuan wo! *enthusiastically waving my hands!* HAHA!

  8. Hello Vivian! I’m trying my luck here!

    As you know, i NEVER use make-up before thus, i would like to start by trying something that is so beneficial for my sensitive skin. As a netball player, i spend most of my trainings in the sun, resulting in dryness on the skin of my face. -screams- What’s more, Guowen has been telling me how dry my face is recently. 😦 Oh yes, i may also consider using it on my knees because i have scarred knees which i suppose all girls will never ever want to get..
    Hopefully, if i win this, my skin condition will improve!


  9. Hello Vivian!
    I would like to have this BB cream because i am a user of Bioessence products for almost 2 years and i believe in their product! I have been trying out many kinds of BB cream and it didn’t suit me very well. All of them did not cover up my flaws and it even make things worst sometimes. So i would like to try out their Bioessence BB cream!

    It will make my Christmas merrier!~
    I hope you will go for me!

    Thank you! ^~^

  10. Dear Vivian,

    You are really pretty and cute:) Your skin looks so bright and clean but mine is full of acne scars 😦 I had these acne scars for a year already and even though i have seen a doctor, the medication applied onto the face did not help in improving my acne scar condition at all 😦 My face also has many huge pores which make my face even worse. 😦
    The concealers i use can’t hide my acne scars and huge pores:( Bio-essense BB cream has 8 benefits, which is
    2)sun block,
    3)skin repair,
    5)oil control,
    7)reduction of wrinkles and
    8)lines and whitening,
    all in one bottle! It’s so great! But my parents would not allow me to buy because they say i’m still a 14 year old young girl and cannot buy expensive concealer even though it has many benefits to the skin.

    I really hope to be able to win this BB cream so that i can go out with my friends to the coming christmas party in my new clothes and a flawless-looking skin like you, which is very important to me πŸ˜€

    Thank You Vivian πŸ™‚

  11. I would like to have it because maybe this would be my first time for a makeup product i used. Or i would share it with my mom who also seldom use makeup. πŸ˜€

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