Day 19 challenge

Day 19 Challenge
What nicknames were you given

*Pic from Lin

Think I’m kinda of blessed because I don’t really get nasty nicknames?
Here’s a few common ones like VIVI and VIAN VIAN. VV is like the short form or Vivie if you like.

Just to let you know, Vivian is a not name that I came up with, it’s in my birth cert and I really like this name. Hate it when people call me Vivien. Hello, it is a freaking A not an E!
I just don’t like the way the letters VIVIEN look like when its written.

I have some animals/cartoons associated with me as well like Rabbit, Bunny, Hamster!
HAHA. My boyfriend calls me the Jiggly Puff recently because I have chubby cheeks!
Hokayz, at least these animals are cute. Donnoe why I’m so slim yet my cheeks are like puffed up. Wonder what would happen if I put on 5kg one day.

Oh and do you know what else does VV stands for?



It stands for VIOLENT VIVIAN!

This was a nickname given to me by my poly classmates because they only realised that I’m actually extremely violent and fierce (despite my petite frame) during our overseas study trip.

I can force open tight product packaging (though I do not succeed always) and I’m not THAT girly as I appear to be. I’m so impatient that I can’t do stitching or sewing for nuts. If I ever give you anything handmade, you’re lucky. I snatched taxis; and I fight for justice mostly through my mouth.

I’m kinda of violent; just that I don’t have much strength and the capabilities to do so.

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7 thoughts on “Day 19 challenge

  1. “I just don’t like the way the letters VIVIEN look like when its written.” – ME TOO!

    And you know what, I once attended a workshop which requires you to choose an adjective that describes you and it must be starting with the same alphabet as your own name, so I chose VIOLENT Vivian as well! LOLOLOLOL.

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