3 min flawless finish

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Hello girls!! Thank you so much for the warm response for my BB cream Giveaway!!! It’s still on-going till this Sunday so keep the comments coming here!! Will announce the result on Monday!

Anyway, today I’m back for MORE BB CREAM REVIEW!

Guess what this is??


It’s your makeup lor.

Sometimes don’t you just hate to apply makeup because you have to spend so much time on it?

Loose Powder ,

And what? You look so CAKEY!!!



Besides, do you even have all the time to apply that many products on your face?

With Bio-Essence 10-in-1 Bio Platinum BB cream, all you need is just 3 mins for a flawless finish!

Watch my video on how to apply this BB cream.

What’s special about this BB cream is that it includes PLATINUM.

Platinum is a very rare ingredient, and it boosts the skin’s ability to protect itself against free radicals.

It is the rarest type of precious metal that not only makes skin more radiant, but also lightens fine lines and wrinkles.



It is better than the 8-in-1 BB cream because now it is 10-in-1 !!!

Other than Platinum, it is also enriched with Tanaka extract to make skin fairer.
Did I mention how I love using Bio-Essence Takaaka White in the past for whitening?!
It works like magic.

It also helps to refine pores and smoothen the skin.

Nourish skin with herbs, nutrients and mineral elements to revitalize the skin.

Regulates oil secretion.

Protect skin from harmful UV rays with SPF25 PA++

Moisturize Skin

Reveals flawless, radiant and natural makeup.


This is how the orange looks like when I did the test again.
Pores were generally covered.

This BB-cream is not as thick as the Multi-Effect BB cream; the coverage was slightly above average (but nt as good as the Multi-Effect). However, this BB cream is more natural too! Great for everyday use!

Here’s a bigger picture of me wearing just the BB cream and blusher.

3 mins are all I ever need for a flawless finish and I’m ready to go to school!

This picture was taken 6 hours later and the makeup stays on!




I wish I could give each and everyone a tube of the BB creams to try out.
But apparently I only have one to give away.

Hence, if you’d like to find out if these BB creams suit you,
redeem the samples for free now! Click on the banner below!


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