Collagen works wonder!

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It’s slightly more than 2 weeks of Kinohimitsu collagen consumption!
Not only does the drink taste so good like Lychee, butI can really say this drink works wonder on me!!!

Don’t believe? Let the pictures do the talking. : )


The pic on the left shows my neckline before consuming the drink, and the right shows after. My necklines have visibly reduced !! See see?!

I’m so amazed.

And previously, I’ve mentioned about the ugly acne scars I have on my forhead right?
It’s sooo obvious. But now?

Poof. the acne scar is gone?!

It’s like barely a week and my scar with scab is gone.

I’ve not applied any medication to my acne scars but it just disappeared like that.
I’m pretty sure it’s the magic work of collagen.

And no, throughout the 2 weeks of consumption, this drink did not make me fat or chubby or bloated. So these are all just myths!

I’m loving Kinohimitsu Collagen!! Heh Heh. : D

P/S: I will be doing a Kinohimitsu Detox Drink giveaway soon. So pls stay tune!


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