Day 22 challenge (with new hair colour!)

Day 22 – What makes you different from everyone else

I’m different because I’m Vivian.

I’m always keen to experiment new things; like how I had bright red hair before and now, medium choco blonde with blonde streaks. I know I’m not gonna have a chance to try loud colours once I step into the workforce so imma gonna do it now when I’m still young!
Cos youth is everything.
And unlike many, I love thick hair and curls mainly because I could carry it off.

I’m different because I’ve not been to any clubs before and I highly doubt I would like it.
I might step in one day just to see how it’s like.

Despite being a shopaholic, I’m actually quite good in saving money. I think I have saved enough money to spend for the next 2 years without working.

I’m gentle on the outside but tough on the inside.

I lead both the private and a public life and I know where to put the line.

Merry Xmas everyone. Am in a festive mood already.
I just got gifts for my friends! And I’ve also received a sweet present from boyfriend. : )


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