Winner of the BB cream giveaway

Thank you all of you for the warm response in my BB cream giveaway!
I would really love to give each and everyone a tube of it.
But oh well, I’ve got only 1 to give away.

In order not for me to be bias in any ways, I got my sis to give her verdicts too.
And we both agree on ….





This is what she has written:

Hello Vivian!
I hope I would be able to win this BB cream from you!
I am 18 years old already, but I have never tried any make-up before, mainly because I have many acne scars and my pores are like super huge, so I don’t think applying make-up will help. The other reason is that I don’t have a boyfriend so I don’t think it is necessary for me to put make-up.
But after reading your post on this Bio-Essence 8-in-1 Multi Purpose BB Cream, I really feel like giving it a try! I hope it will make me a more confident person. I like how this BB Cream is a all-in-one BB Cream. All these features are applicable to me, seriously!

1. It has a smooth velvety texture to provide a natural and flawless finishing.

(I want to look natural!! I don’t want my friends to think, “aiyo why you change already, suddenly put make-up until so thick!” )

2. Refines pores and whitens complexion.

(Yes, I am seriously in need of this, my pores are super huge as mentioned earlier on, I hope this BB Cream will be able to refine my pores!)

3. Provides lasting hydration to prevent skin dryness & regulates oil secretion.

(My dermatologist has said that my skin belongs to the outside-oily-inside-dry type, so hopefully, this BB Cream will improve my condition!)

4. Nourishes skin with the essential nutrients and mineral elements to revitalize skin.

(Yay, definitely an additional plus, this BB Cream further proves the fact that make-up do not have to be unhealthy for the skin!)

5. Improves skin texture for smoother, softer, refined and fairer skin.

(I want a smoother skin texture, because my skin have some holes, almost like the skin of an orange!:( )

6. Protects skin from harmful UV rays.

(This is one of the most important feature for me, as now I am studying in Tourism Academy@ Sentosa, and imagine going Sentosa every day, and the sun there is like scorching hot, definitely hotter than other parts of Singapore! So, with this BB Cream, I can look my best and at the same time, protecting myself from the UV rays! )

Vivian, xuan wo xuan wo xuan wo! *enthusiastically waving my hands!* HAHA!

Well, 18 years old is definitely an okay time to start on makeup. And nope, with or without boyfriend, we should still look good! Who knows you might be able to meet your prince charming after using makeup!

For a beginner like you, I hope this will help you to achieve radiant and flawless skin easily.
But pls do remember to remove ur makeup at the end of the day yeah?
Congratulations. I will contact you via email again. 😀

If you would like to try out the BB creams, you can still redeem the samples here for free, postage inclusive! Try it before buying yeah?

And I’ll have more giveaway soon! stay tune!


2 thoughts on “Winner of the BB cream giveaway

  1. Thank you Vivian and the sister for choosing me! Am really grateful!!! 🙂
    Hope I will gain more confidence after putting on some bb cream, hehe!

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