How do you prepare for your coming parties?

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With X’mas and New Year coming just around the corner, have you already prepare your outfits and pamper your skin with lots of face masks?

For me, I didn’t really go about shopping for any outfits; just wearing the same old thing paired with different accessories. Oh maybe a new hair dye to welcome the new year.



But of course, no matter how busy I am, I’d definitely take some time out to do FACE MASK!


Don’t you think life’s like heaven when you put on the face mask and listen to some jazzy music while you either lie on the bed to relax or read ur fav magazine or book?


If you are someone who’s into face mask. I’ve good stuffs for you this time round!
Let’s welcome DRESS ME 就是爱美丽 !!

It’s of my favourite prints; Polka dots !!
From left to right; Whitening & Brightening, Oil Control & Purifying Mask, Silky and Soothing Mask

Pampering myself to the goodness of these masks before I go celebrate Xmas with my friends!

Oh and the mask does adheres firmly to my face; it is not too big for my face which is a good thing!

*Tip: Do ensure that there are no air bubbles when you put the mask on. Gently pat the bubbles if there are any.

The first mask which I tried on was the Oil Control & Purifying Mask.

I have combination skin and I always encounter mid-day shine problem; sometimes it is not even mid-day and you can already use my face as a mirror. It’s so reflective that I don’t even know how to lie to people telling them that this is the latest dewy look. FML.

After using this mask, I did see an instantaneous result; I only used one blotting paper from 8am to 6pm the next day. That’s like such an improvement for me!!
And even though it is for oil control, it doesn’t strip my skin off moisture cos I didn’t experience any tight feeling.

This is the whitening and brightening mask if you’d like to try.
This mask contains ingredients that not only whitens the skin, but also reduce redness and skin sensitivity.

I haven’t use this mask yet. So I can’t tell you how good it is.

But I’ve decided to use the Silky and Soothing Mask first.
(Forgot to take a picture of it. )

Why? Because my finger itchy, go poke 2 oil seeds and that portion is like super red and sensitive. This mask is said to be able to help relieve and soothe redness, leaving my skin silky soft. Wooo~

It provides protection to the skin and increases moisture retention within the skin. Helichrysum Angustifolium enhances skin’s renewal process and even out skin tone for smooth and relaxed skin.

Guess what? After putting the face mask for 15 mins, the redness subside and my skin is so soft to the touch! I love it. ❤

This is how I look after what I’ve pampered my skin with;
Silky baby soft skin that’s so biong biong. 😀
*Pardon the green lights shine on me;
it’s taken in a KTV room; that’s the effect of the lights.

Try it and you’ll know!

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