First Gift Exchange

I’m so addicted in editing my pics into this cool film effect.
Was at Topone for my first xmas exchange this year with flowers.
One for one with Mastercard, so that was pretty cheap and we sang like there’s no tomorrow.

But we were really super suay this morning. First my friend’s shoes were spoilt and we got a new pair early in the morning but was unhappy over a super rude promoter. Next, something happend while we were paying up for the KFC meal. We were told that we have not paid for the meal when I do remember taking the money out. And there, they counted all the money in the Cashier just to see if the sum telly. I paid up in the end in order to avoid further embarrassment. Maybe I really didn’t pay up. Idk? Everything is just so funny.

But the fun later made us forget our suay morning

Gifts exchange was sooo fun!! I presented a gift to Hui Mei and Shuhui presented hers to me!

The lights effect in the room; is super christmasy ~ hahaha. We had so much fun trying to capture the lights on our face!


I celebrate xmas not because of Jesus, but because its a chance to celebrate friendship. This year, I’m loving Christmas. ❤


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