My fruitful 2010

The year is ending sooo sooon! I haven’t even have the chance to sit down and relax properly and you’re telling me that the year is ending?!

Time for me to do some reflections again…
Hmmm…what have I done for the year 2010?

It seems like a pretty short year but I think I’ve did quite abit in this year …

  1. I finally have a room to call my own.
    Not that I don’t enjoy my sister’s companionship, just that I feel that I need some private space sometimes, to do my own things ~

The first picture you see on the left was when I just moved my furniture to my own room. I thought it wasn’t good enough; didn’t like the woody colours so I revamped my room into the next 3 pictures you see in the collage.

The first pic was how my table looked like initially and then it transformed by my hands!
And I upgraded myself by getting a desktop! Hoho.

2. I was back on the stage; probably the last time on stage.

The role I was given was rather different from the previous sweet, girly roles. This role requires me to be fierce, witty and cunning. I enjoyed myself because I could allow people to see a different side of me on stage.

3. Celebrated alot of 21st birthdays, including mine!

With the help of Prawn, I had my birthday successfully held at Home Team chalet. And the theme of my party was HEADGEAR!

It was great seeing all my friends and relatives there.

4. I bring my blogging to a new height;

I participated in my very first blogging contest by Bio-Essence and won. I was invited to my very first blogger’s event by Physiogel. Then later on I had my first blogshop advert by ilovebeingreal. More came up like the Aqualabel’s blogging contest where I was the top 10 and I had the chance to meet my readers. I also eventually took up more sponsorships and start doing product reviews.
There … my blog has a distinctive style now; a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog. I also have a couple of readers telling me that they enjoyed reading my blog and that makes me very happy and touched. Will keep blogging!

5.  Travelling.

This year I had the chance to travel to KL, Cameron Highland and Taiwan.
And I’m sooo happy. I love travelling and there are so many places that I wana go to.
Hopefully I’d be able to travel to other places next year.

6. And as for me physcially, I changed my hairstyle and had different colours this year.

First it was black, short fringe, and super curly hair that died off. Then it was orangey-red brown, chopped 5 inches of my hair, had short fringe and bodywave perm. And now, it’s longer again, with long fringe and blondish brown colour with highlights; my waves are also getting looser. It’s only 6 months and my hair became so long again.

7. I initially kept up with my resolution by reading 1 book each month, but stopped halfway.  =x Simply had no time to read when all I wana go home after school is to sleep.
But all in all, I did read some books and my favourite is Sister’s Keeper. You should read it too!

8. Blogshop Shoot

Had the chance to be a model for ilbr. It’s my virgin experience taking photos in a studio and it was a great working experience with Lin, Lin’s Pau BF and Dee. Not sure if I’m a good model or not, lol. Cos most of the time I’m either too short or too small in size ~
But thank god, I look proportionate on photos and I think I’m still not too bad at posing larhx … =x

9. Relationships

I’d say this year has been smooth sailing between me and Prawn, and me and friends.
I’ve STM so I don’t remember the details of short and unimportant arguments between me and Prawn which is a good thing. And as for friends, I’m still hanging out with them on a regular basis so keeping in touch wasn’t a big problem too. : )

Yeah. Think these sums up my year 2010. : )
Shall leave some resolutions next time.


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