Inspired by Yang Nian Qing

*Pics from Channel 8

I’m very inspired by Jeanette (Yang Nian Qing)’s costumes in Breakout.
Whoever her stylist is, he/she is awesome.


Was playing with my wardrobe and I came out with this:

Any resemblance? hahaha.
Vest + Harem Pants + Statement Necklace
Shall wear this combi out some day.

I realise I’ve quite abit of “mens” wear like this in my wardrobe.
And I like it.

I’ve started my CNY shopping and I’ve thought about it;
If I really really can’t find the perfect fitting blazer for my size, I’ll get another vest.

Merry Xmas Eve to all!

I’m spending my evening/night with Prawn! Woohoo.
It’s the first Xmas we spent tgt~


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