My actual xmas!

Hello readers!
How have your Christmas celebration been?

Christmas this year has been pretty good to me since I have Prawn’s companionship on the actual day. : )
This is like the first xmas we spent together if I’m not wrong, so it’s pretty fun!! I spent the xmas eve night at his home and we put face mask together and started cam-whoring in front of his sis’s newly bought imac. LOL.

We were out the whole day shopping for his birthday gifts at Muji and ended up with a bag full of clothes! Think got about 6 or 7 pieces? He loves them! ^-^ Got a blank notebook for next semester too. Need to buy an organizer soon!

Eventually I also got my last CNY oufit by chance. And it’s supeer stylish and unique! I love it. The bottom was rather pricey but I guess it’s worth it. You’ll agree with me if you see it too. xD

Now, may the rest of 2010 brings happiness to your 2011.



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