Last xmas exchange for the year (with FOTD)

Finally had the chance to meet my girls for a belated xmas gift exchange session!
So miss them. ❤ ❤

Anw, I haven’t been doing any FOTD, so here’s one because I’m using a new pair of falsies!

Falsies from Daiso. Who says cheap things aren’t good??
Well, this pair is good! Besides it’s only 2 bucks, if it got damaged some day, it’s okayz!
Lipstick: Silkygirl 01 pretty nude
It’s like a peach pink colour. Very pretty but doesn’t last.

Both of the lashes you see are from Daiso. But for this look, I’m using the one in pink case.; no. 14 if I’m not wrong. It was the last pair on the shelf.
The lashes are very soft and natural. Love it.


Anw…our gathering was at Billy Bombers. The food was okayz lar, except that some of us had a hard time trying to cut that roasted chicken.

Gift exchange was next and this year, we formed a pair coincidentally!!

Pair No.1: Jieying & Boon Choon.  Pair No.2: Carmen & Hui Shan

Pair No. 3: Us!! Hong’s present to me and my present to her. Hehe.

I love my girls~ Wish there was more time though.

Ending off with a picture of me~!
Bai Bai. ^-^


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