Mr Boyfriend turns 21 finally!!

My Boyfriend is finally 21 on January 1 2011. Awesome much? : )

This year I haven’t have a chance to celebrate his Birthday with him alone. To celebrate, we were thinking of a short get-away in the coming days. Hopefully he can get his leaves and we can set off. *Prays Hard*

Anw, Prawnie held a birthday party and invited his relatives to his house yesterday! This was the first time I met all of his relatives.

So I reached there like about early noon to help him out with the decorations.

So welcome to his Home …

Hanged the banner and the decos up on the ceiling!
Very Chinese New Year and Hari Raya Feel.

These are disco balls waiting to be hanged up on the ceiling too!

This kind of job is for the guys as I’m too short lah. I can only help to tear tapes. lol.

After the hardwork, the photography place is finally set up!!
That’s his brother posing like Fei Yu Qing. LOL.



And not forgetting the corridors outside their home~
So immediately when you stepped out of the lift, you’ll feel welcomed! LOL.

But by now, people can’t make out if it is CNY, Deepavali, or Hari Raya.


Anw, I managed to do this simple messy knot half-up do within one try!
It’s really simple. All you need is hair, one rubber band, 3 bobby pins and one pretty clip.

Besides the usual materialistic gifts, I’ve also made a big 3D message card for him. There’s adhesive behind and you could paste it anywhere you want. ^^

His aunts and god-ma helping in the making of ROJAK!
I helped to squeeze the limes too. ^-^

Food arrived and everyone’s queuing up for the food!

I love the curry the most!! I’m drooling as I’m typing this!

Enjoying my meal. Heh~

The night finally came and it was CAKE-CUTTING SESSION!!!

2kg of fruit cake from Bangawan Solo!

I brought my polariods and helped to take pictures for him with it as well. ❤

P/S: This blog post is specially dedicated to my boyfriend Lee Qing Hong.
And one of his birthday wish was for me to be happy everyday. ❤



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