The Boyfriend acceptable makeup

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Many times, I’ve heard alot of girls complaining that their boyfriends doesn’t like to see them with makeup.

Why ar?!

The only reasons that I can possibly think of would be that their makeup is too thick and they look so much older than their age with that pile of stuff on their face. Sometimes, it is just the colour selection that has gone wrong.

But my boyfriend is different.

He likes me without makeup


He likes me with makeup too!


No leh…He has never complained about my makeup. And most of the time I’ve makeup on when I meet him. But most of the time, without any special occasion, my makeup is light, neutral and simple. Just good enough to walk on streets confidently.

This is kind of makeup I usually wear when I go on a date:

I think Pink is too much cuteness, so the best bet is the PEACHY LOOK. Peach Orange blusher and peach orange lipstick is good for a normal date.

My eye makeup is generally clean. A little pink eyeshadow here with a little mascara. Here, i go without any eyeliner for a subtle look.

This is my favourite Lancome Lipstick in an orangey shade with Rimmel’s Lipgloss for a perfect pout.

And yes, the secret to Boyfriend Acceptable Makeup is actually your base makeup.

You have to look almost flawless BUT NATURAL.

So here, I’m using Dr.Jart+ Premium Blemish Base with SPF 45/PA+++
I’ve previously talked about it and you can read it here if you have not.
(I’m holding sample size, not the real tube)


The first pic shows the BB cream squeezed out from a tube and the second pic is when I tried to blend them out halfway.

It’s very natural and light and because it is so light-weight, the coverage is mediocre. I can still see my pores after applying. But oh well, sometimes little flaws on your face makes you look more natural!

The colour is quite natural, brightens my skintone without making me look like a ghost.
If you tell your boyfriend, no leh, I never apply anything, he might believe you also lor!

It also has Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle effect and act as a strong sunblock. It contains anti-oxidizing ingredient so you won’t look any shade darker throughout the day.

Overall, this is great for everyday use. ^-^

Dr Jart+ Premium BB Cream is sold at $59.00 exclusively at Watsons (already out in stores) and found in most stores.


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