My BATAM trip!

I’m back from my short-getaway to BATAM!!
So fast I’m back. 😥 Really really enjoyed myself very much.

Anyhoos, Batam is just shiokness lah~  The main thing for the trip is to go for their massage and not forgetting FOOD! Did some good food research prior to this trip.

Doing a travelog. For people who wish to go Batam yourself, please bookmark this page. HAHA.

Took a 45 mins ferry ride from Habourfront to Batam Centre.
That’s like super fast? Within 45 mins, we’ve reached Indonesia! FWAOH.

Us on the ferry.

Anw, their local time was 1 hour earlier than us.

A cam-whore like me couldn’t stop taking peektures.

After reaching Batam, someone fetched us to our Hotel – Ihotel. It is situated at Nagoya, so very convenient for shopping trips!

Our room is damm spacious and chio. Looks super romantic at night. I’ll show pictures later huh.

Our first stop was Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre which was the biggest mall in Batam and only a few mins walk from our hotel.

We were trying to search for the most delicious Ayam Penyet here but we went into the wrong store cos we couldn’t locate it at first.

The fish was really nice but the ayam penyet was a tad small and disappointing.

Walked around the mall and we found a stretch of food stalls. The real Ayam Penyet was there!! Zzz ..But it’s okay cos we vowed to have it the next day.

Went to Hypermart and tried their local potato chips called the CHITATO chips.
Don’t you think Prawn looks quite handsome here? HAHA.

I tried but failed leh. Machiam like “Hey, these are mine hor! Don’t SNATCH!! GRRRR~”

Normal one looks much better. lol.
The chips were quite nice albeit I find them a little bit salty. So many packets for 1SGD.

Continued to shop around the mall but nothing caught my eye. Got a LV chiong belt for my Dad.  Was abit stunned that the packaging is super nice also.

Our next stop was our SPA treatment at Everyday, opposite Nagoya Hill. We chose package A which consists of 110 mins of Massage, Scrub and Shower. The price was around 20+ SGD? Super cheap. And the masseur was really good. Prawn fell asleep halfway. The whole session was the highlight of our trip. Would really love to come back for more massages!

After our damm shiok massage, we took a taxi and headed to Golden Prawn for seafood dinner. According to the locals, Golden Prawn has been around for many years! 老招牌!

Seafood was fresh and alive and chosen by ourselves. Very interesting! We can even tell them how we want our dishes to be cooked.

We were sitting by the sea ~

Our dishes; lala, golden prawn, steamed fish, gong gong,  kang kong, and fish soup that taste like shark fins! Oh and we had 2 big coconut drinks too!

That’s really alot of food for 2 people; think it’s enough for a family of four!

And we actually finished them!!! HAHAHA.

Satisfied us after the meal. ^-^

Went back to our room and changed into our swimsuits for Jacuzzi!! Sorry uh, no biginis for me. hahaha. This Jacuzzi session was an impromtu one but super shiok under the moonlight.

Back to our comfy hotel room and sleep in for the night. : )

Super romantic hor? ^__^

What a wonderful morning to start off your day with the hotel’s buffet ..
Oh look at the double yolk egg!

Fruits for you? :>

Headed out to Nagoya Hill for more food and a little shopping.

A&W float and ice-cream waffle for you? ^_^

At last, we found the AYAM PENYET!

Takeaway to our hotel room because we had to check out very soon.
Oh and this is super yummy! Really yummy than the one we had yesterday!!
You’ve to try this yourself.

Had some money left so I spent it on shades! Chanel inspired. LOL.

有没有美美? 🙂

On the ferry back home again.
Didn’t have the chance to cover Waterfront, famous Yong Kee Fish Soup and Prawn’s roasted pig.

So I’m hoping to have a Batam trip 2 again? :>

All in all, I had an awesome time over there with Prawn. It doesn’t felt abit like 2D1N; it felt so much longer …


31 thoughts on “My BATAM trip!

  1. Ohh clean is very important. u reckon the interior is run down? or acceptable?
    Btw, do u rem how much u paid for the meal u had at golden prawn?

    1. Nope, the interior isn’t run down! Very comfortable! 🙂 Err…cant remember how much the meal is, all in all I know we spent 100 bucks each on everything.

  2. I went to batam too and tried GO! Massage at nagoya and its superb good!!!!
    i like the interior design too, very cozy and nice… and pay about $20 for traditional massage & scrub… i found them from their facebook page, super nice and definitely gonna go back there and recommend to all my friends who is going to batam…

  3. Hi! I went to eska wellness, they have a good website but I was appalled by their toilets. It’s just opposite Nagoya hill mall. May I have the contact or website of that spa u went to?

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