Happy 11111

Today is 11111 ! Such happy numbers right?! The year has started and so is school. I have awesome 4-days week this semester and this means a longer weekend for me. 😉 And I’m “reunited” with some of my poly classmates because of 3 common modules.

The bad thing is I need to wake up at 6am everyday and because it is a 4-days week for me, some of my days are damm packed, especially TUESDAYS where I only have an hour of lunch break. And this semester, I not only have to learn classical poetry but classical PROSE as well. Why do I feel like the days in China? I don’t know how I’m gonna survive but I’ll try …

Oh yes, I’ve question on Formspring asking what I’m studying in university. So for new readers and for people who don’t already know, I major in Languages and that language is Chinese. ^ ^ And yeah don’t ask me what I want to do or what I’ll be doing after that because that shall not be disclosed on my blog for the time being.

And yes … I’m feeling rather determined this semester but I’m not sure if the spirit will last me throughout the 12 weeks.


Meanwhile, I’ll keep updating on more skincare or Beauty related posts, so watch this space. 😀

P/S: I’ve decided to stop getting so much new clothes for awhile (2 mths?) so I’ll keep repeating my wardrobe as of now.


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