Taking a trip down memory lane (4)

To Michelle who has been my friends since secondary school days.
I can still vividly remember how we became friends on the very first day.
I was very quiet and upon seeing that I was alone, you came up to me bubbly and said “Do you have a partner? If no, can I sit beside you?”

And I thought to myself, “wow, you were the complete opposite of me”

I remembered your hair was super duper long while mine was the opposite.
I remembered you were the chairman of Drama Club and I was the vice.
I remembered you’d cry when the members of the club upset you and I’d be the one to help you “shout” at them at that point of time.
I remembered we said we’d get into the same class throughout the 4 years and we did.
I remembered you were very good at Math and I were very good at Languages. And you taught me things with no hesitation when I’m having doubts.

Your optimism and cheerfulness
is what impact my life the most.

Your hardworking attitude and the desire to work towards your goal is what I wana learn.

I’ve seen you in and out of relationship a few times, but none as strong as the current one. Hope you two continue to stay this way and I’ll definitely be behind you no matter what.
I am just a phone call away if you need it. Please remember that.

We’ve all grown up and not seeing each other that often anymore.
But no matter what, I will understand that life is busy for everyone and I’ll still be your best friend at the end of the day.



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