The perfect day!

The perfect day where all my wishes came true!
Dim Sum and Movie!!!

Prawn took me to have dim sum at Dim Joy after knowing my recent craving for Dim Sum!
We were there as early as 11am and was waiting for the restaurant to open, so ….

Finally we could go in and we were their first customer.

Dim Joy~! I love DIM SUM!!!
I think my favourite food is dim sum now. HAHA.

These are not all~

Damm. I want to have Dim Sum again! Drools.
I think good food can really make me happy. ^-^

Went for a movie “Ghosts are crazy” and shopping thereafter. Some random buys like nail stickers, hair rollers, goggles, cosmetics organizer and 2 bandage skirts. Argh. I know I said I won’t buy new apparels! : (  Can someone shoot me please?

Hokay, shall end this post with my LOTD.




12 thoughts on “The perfect day!

  1. Hi . i think i saw you and ur bf . was waiting to cross the traffic light at plazza sin and u two were standing in front of me . haha . (:

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