Carry your branded goods to your coffin please

What’s wrong with these people??

Low EQ that’s why huh?
Oh well, since this person is so hilarious, I might as well put it up for everyone to laugh.

It all started with my post on Branded Goods.
The gist of that post is mainly about getting branded goods just for the sake of their names and just because they are materialistic and want to show off.

So I’m saying you should

Buy when necessary. Buy if you need it. Buy if you think you’d use it very often.

And not getting it for the sake of the name and chuck it aside because you have something even prettier soon again.
One bag may cost up to $1000 and I’d very much save it for other things in life. Yadda yadda, you can read yourself.

I’m sure most of you agree with me judging from the comments on that blog entry. For the few who doesn’t agree, they just keep it to themselves because they have high EQ. They know everyone is entitled to an opinion.

So this bitch decides to leave a statement on my Formspring. We all know Formspring is for QUESTIONS not STATEMENT. If you want to comment on something, do it on my blog?

Most hilarious moment of her life starts …

This was her first post.
(I’m assuming she’s a female. I don’t care if I am wrong)

Yeah. Seriously in what way am I cheapo? Not owning so many branded goods equates to cheapo? Friends getting branded items for me during Birthdays equals to cheapo?? FYI, my girlfriends are so close to each other that we aren’t afraid to tell each other what we want so that we can buy something useful and practical during Birthdays.
And I don’t tell them the brand, like oh I want a Chanel bag. Instead I tell them I need a bag and it is up to them to decide which bag to buy for me. Even if its branded, it is their decision. Cheapo??!
You tell me??

Next. She started the abalone talk. =.=

Since when did I say that real ones are the same as fake ones??! Since when did I strongly advise people to get the fake ones??! SINCE WHEN?! HAHA.

She just refuse to give up and continue to reply me. Hello, I am freaking 22 soon. I’m already earning money and its been a good 3 years since I last took a cent from my mum. I pay for all my expenses. I can say I am financially independent now. And besides, I save up every month since I was in Secondary school. Its not difficult to get a dozen of bags. The only matter is am I WIILLING to part with these money for the sake of BAGS.

Seriously, are you sure I can’t afford??!

And if you can afford to buy, GO AHEAD LAH! NOBODY’S STOPPING YOU! Go ahead and make Singapore’s economy thank you instead.

What’s the point in arguing with me? No, you can’t make me change my opinion. You are just making a big fool out of yourself.

My boyfriend wrote these:

Yes. Why don’t you let your name known to the world??
Like this …

And her abalone talks never stop …

Seriously? WTF is she talking?? Why are you telling me how much abalone costs??! You think I’m interested ? We all know abalone refers to branded goods; it’s a kind of 比喻!

I’m not interested in replying her any further. Because she clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and is simply out there to agitate me. Crazy bitch.
Imma gonna go delete all her posts since its all up here in my post now. Waste my time and space.

On a lighter note, I’m happy with my results! Yay!


16 thoughts on “Carry your branded goods to your coffin please

  1. Information to that childish kid. Spending your parents money to get wat u wan in life is a failure. Spending your hard own money on wat is not impt is wasting and forgoodness sake you are paying for a branding. And does that means branded equals good? And who the hell are you to command on ppl’s blog? Spending on a branded stuff in 10years times you are less rich. you can put those money into good use. only foolish and no buying power kids like you cant thinks properly and maybe any all how spend your parents’ hard earn money.

      1. i just find that the person’s comments is damn ridiculous. buying a branded stuff is not a need is a want meaning who likes it who have the buying power den buy it. it is not necessary to purchase those. unless u have the buying power if not, wat for spend those money to get something reduntant for the sake of “face”? instead i will find that person foolish not wah so cool! be yourself! go VIVI!

  2. lol don’t care abt her! u live ur life, not to answer to random strangers ;p

    somehow i feel that true followers of luxury goods buy because of the designers – be it design, quality or brand philosophy.

    but there is also increasing trend of consumers buying just for the sake of buying (maybe to look rich / cool / feed their ego ;p).

    for me, i love my LV wallet cos i spread out the ‘depreciation’ over 10 yrs! when ppl ask me how much is it, i tell them it’s fake, and they believe me lol!!

    p.s.: u certainly didn’t advocate FAKE stuff, so the abalone story made me ROFL ;p

  3. hahah ignore dis crazy person..whether it is a he or she, dis person obviously is someone who has nth better to do..must be a loner who got far too much time to come n disturb u! no pt feeling irritated over such a person!

    Totally agree with you point of view! I also dun get branded stuff unless is my sis pass it to me or ask me to use! everyone of us has our own set of beliefs so jus dun care abt tat person!!! so wad if we get cheapo bags n wallets, wad matters is at the end of the month we r laughing away when we c our bank statements!! wad is more practical is to have the money in the wallet and put it to other more necessary uses!

    We can use the same amount to get quantity and average quality thgs (even good quality ones). The annoying person obviously can only use the same amount of money to get like 1 freaking small branded thg! if he/she is happy with it den good for dis person la!!! hahaha! relax n chill girl! forget dis person n dun let dis person disturb ur day!!! let dis whoever go eat wadever branded abalone and hope he/she doesnt choke from eating or everyone will laugh at him/her!! 😀


  4. srsly that girl is crazy… but so are u… just delete her stupid questions!!! u sound dumb trying to reason with someone dumber…..she just wanted to get ur blood pressure going and laugh at ur frustration..just some advice cos u sound way smarter in other posts:)

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