My major hair change not on purpose

What do you think of this? Yes or No?

I wasn’t expecting a major hair makeover when I step into the salon.
I was merely asking for layers and I didn’t expect all my curls would be chopped off!
Ok I mean I expected curls to be chopped off but didn’t really think it’d be this drastic.

I was like, ” I need layers in my hair”
And she’s like ok! *snaps*
Curls gone. 😦

To think she was still praising my hair when I step in and said how my curls look so revive today.

My hair length now isn’t this short actually. It is slightly above my chest.
And I hated it because it looks so much like my old hair.
Kept my fringe but trimmed it a little for a less kiddish look.
I then rolled my hairs with rollers, resulting in an airy shorter crop.
Guess I need to be hardworking and roll it everyday because I like it this way better.

This is a time-costly hairdo. I have to spend alot of time managing my left over curls + stubborn natural curls. Hard work takes effort.

But positive comments about my new hair will keep me going. Hopefully. YAY!
I feel good now!

P/S: The more I look at my hair the more I like it now! I like how the ends curls in naturally!

Now I no longer have to think about new hairstyle till my hair gets longer again.


13 thoughts on “My major hair change not on purpose

    1. Hee. It is actually my left over perm + natural curls. I enhance it using rollers at home. You can try it if you have natural curls too!

      1. Sadly…I’ve no natural curls… I love hairstyles with slight curls in them or curls at the end… hehe…

      2. Me too!! I’ve always wanted this hairstyle but don’t really know how to get to it. didnt know that cutting my perm will result in this.

  1. haha!!! lucky you… A mistake turns out right with wonderful results… I once had my hair cut so short cos the hair dresser was too enthusiastic… no choice..have to live with it till it grows out

  2. I really can’t spot any differences. If I squint really hard, it looks like there’s less density. But like I said, I’d have to squint hard. Maybe the photo doesn’t do it justice. Or maybe it’s because I’m a guy.

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