Elisha Coy BB cream Partayy!

Blogger’s Event

Jermaine brought me along to Elisha Coy’s BB cream Party at Marina Bay Sands Hotel!
This is my first time there and if not for this party, I would never have stepped into this grand hotel!

Here’s the comfy bed in the hotel room…

Elisha Coy had prepared finger food for the bloggers!
Nom nom … I was quite hungry due to my very early dinner!

The bloggers ~

The amazin thing about the hotel is their mega huge toilet!
So freaking huge larh seriously!

There were many skincare products for us to try in the toilet.

This mask helps to rejuvenate and brightens tired skin!

I like the smell of it; like chocolate! I wana eat it!

Their BB cream cleanser can clean off waterproof makeup including the eye makeup! Marvellous.

Me cam-whoring in the toilet. LOL.

Next, we moved off to the cosmetic sections!

With alot alot of BB creams and eyelashes!
All the bloggers took home a set of eyelashes of our choice.

This is the Diamond Shiny Pearl BB cream.

It consists of 7 type of jeweleries as above.

And it gives you a natural shiny finish in the end.

I like it. I think it is suitable for night makeup.
If you do not like the extra shimmer, you can always use loose powder to minimize the shimmer.

Next, it is the Always Nuddy BB Cream. It has a very light and matte finish, perfect for everyday use!

Now, if you are a men and into makeup, you can always try this BB cream for MEN.
It is very very natural and brightens up complexion after using it.
Even for ladies who are into natural makeup can use this as their foundation!
My favourite BB cream of them all!

Use this to set your makeup! Its powder is very fine and not heavy so you don’t have to worry about cakey makeup with this.

I’m super interested in their tint blusher! I think I might try it in the future.
I dig tint and cream blusher the most!

Elisha Coy had prepared a D.I.Y corner for the bloggers to decorate their gift bag.

The girls busy in the making ~
I was too lazy to join though.

I went home with a bag of gifts – consisting of 3 different BB creams and a box of Love More mask. This box of Love More mask is under Lush Group too!

I love their masks! I’ll be doing a review on their masks soon!
So stay tune!


8 thoughts on “Elisha Coy BB cream Partayy!

  1. Hi Vivian!

    Long time (silent) reader of your blog πŸ™‚ Glad to see that you had fun@ the event! Pity i missed you as i went on Saturday instead, but hope to bump into you soon!

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