I can look elegant too!

This is something different from my usual looks …

I look kinda of mature elegant here hor? I wish I have a paper fan or a glass of red wine in my hands … haha!

Anw, I think this dress is suitable for CNY and Valentine’s Day!

This is very pretty too! Suitable for all occasions and work too!

Me and Dee having fun at the studio! HAHA! I think we took 十连拍。LOL.  I always enjoy working with them; Dee, blogshop owner Lin and her BF! Because they are such funny and naise people!

Lots of other pretty dresses too! So don’t miss the launch tonight at 10pm.

Visit ilovebeingreal!

PS: I am not paid to advertise. Promoting her blogshop because Lin is so friendly, naise and someone who puts in lots of effort in her blogshop! GOGOGO.


7 thoughts on “I can look elegant too!

  1. thanks darling!! so touched!! i shall work even harder so i can increase ur pay! ;p

    ooo my friends also asked me if i only get pretty models with dimples hehe!

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