Fairness conceals ugliness

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Have you heard of a chinese saying 一白遮三丑
(Fairness conceals ugliness)?

I do not believe this statement in the past. But seriously, unless you have a good sun-kissed tan that glows, you’d better off with being fair. You look cleaner, fresher and brighter!

Recently, I have the chance to try out the above products from CU skin (a corporation in Korea) !

Everyone knows I love whitening. I would do anything to make my skin appears brighter!

This is how my skin looks like when its bare.
Generally radiant with a little uneven skin tone and dark eye circles.
(PS: Hair wet and messy because I just came out of a bath. LOL)

Let’s see how these 2 products can transform me into pretty girl!

This pure whitening cream gives a translucent and radiant complexion. It not only inhibits the progress of skin darkening and it also effectively reduces existing pigmentation!

This is how the texture looks like. It is very watery and can be easily spread across the face.

Now, let me teach you THE VIVIAN’S WAY of applying moisturizer.

After cleansing and toning your face, dot five dots of the moisturizer on every part of your face and starts to massage your skin in circular motion until fully absorbed.
If you want lifting effect, you can always apply your moisturizer in an upwards manner, starting from your chin to your ears.
After massaging, apply another layer on dark spots area.

Next, I am going to apply this BB cream all over my face!

A swatch of the BB cream.

This BB cream’s texture is a little difficult to blend. It is not thick, just not that smooth to glide on my skin. However, I love the colour presented on my skin.
Some BB creams may appear darker, greyish or even yellow. But this BB cream actually gives me a pretty good coverage with a tinge of pink and radiance.

This is how I look like after applying the Whtening Cream and BB Cream.

I love that it has good oil control properties. My skin isn’t oily even after a long day out.
So big kudos to this product!

I thought my bare skin is radiant enough until I applied this BB cream! FWAH!
There are really no ugly women in the world. Only lazy ones. HAHA!

So start your skincare as early as possible before youth bids goodbye.

Join CUskin’s FB page here !!

** This review is done based on only one-time experience

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