CNY ended! :(

The third day was spent doing visiting at Carmen’s place.

On this day I wore my new checkered blazer out! Finally a blazer that fits!

It was kinda fun playing poker and murderer game with Carmen’s cousins and relatives.
But I lose money!
Hehe. Anyway, I love my girlfriends! ❤

I went to Prawn’s house on the forth day. Looks like this year I got the chance to wear all  new apparels I bought!

I also went to one of his relatives’ house for lunch. 🙂

Went Toa Payoh and NEX for the first time.
Prawn got me a bag pack as an early Vday gift knowing that mine’s spoilt.

I need to think hard for his gift too!

Went to my house for steamboat dinner thereafter and we made our own fondue after the dinner! Wow! My mum looks very happy in the background!

My little prawn and I ! 😀

With these, my Chinese New Year celebration has more or less ended. Back to sch tomorrow! Aww! I wish the holidays doesn’t end.


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