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Risotto is an Italian Dish that consists of rice cooked in broth to a creamy consistency.
There can be different flavours, one of which that you can try cooking is Tomato Risotto with Basil.

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However, it can be rather time-consuming and a hassle to cook it yourself.

So what you can try is AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto, possibly the best-tasting meal replacement program. Unlike other meal replacement shakes or soups that taste yucky, AFC Japan wanted something that actually tastes good so people would look forward to eating it. This was why they worked with Chef Nishiwaki Ichiro (owner of Italian restaurant Nino-Peperone in Japan) to create healthy, low-calorie gourmet meals!

It is so convenient because all you need is boiling water OR microwave to cook it.

Take the whole packet of Tomato Risotto with Basil and throw it into a pot of boiling water for 5 mins!

There you have it!

Steaming hot Tomato Risotto with Basil right before your eyes …

Looks like the real thing isn’t it?

Best of all, it is less than 200 calories! It is not rice that you see. It is actually Konjac, made from Japanese Konnyaku potato, which has a similar texture to rice. I’m sure all of us have tasted Konjac in Konnyaku jellies and Konnayaku noodles in soups. What makes Konjac so special is the low-calorie base and a high soluble fiber content. This means it naturally helps to keep you fuller for longer and also promotes better bowel movement!

I always have the habit of eating junk foods like the potato chips before my period!
And its really no good if I continue my lifestyle like this. I might grow fat in time to come.
But with this, I won’t have to worry anymore. If I feel fat and need to cut down my food intake, I’d just replace one of my heaviest meal with Risotto. Now that the CNY has ended, it also means that your weight might have increased due to CNY goodies, so its time to watch your diet again!

And Risotto really taste so good! I could even taste big pieces of tomato and mushroom!

Just look at how much I’m enjoying myself!

Now who says you have to forgo delicious food while you are watching your weight? If you are someone who can’t live without food, I’d say go for AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto! You won’t feel deprived and you won’t even feel like you are eating diet food! 😀

If you are not into Tomato, here are some other flavours which you can try:

Curry Stew; Really taste exactly like the Japanese Curry!

Assorted Cheese. I’m not a fan of cheese but my sis is! So I gave this to her to try. She said it’s delicious and she could taste mushroom too!

Other flavours include Cream of Mushroom and Mediterranean Seafood which are also delicious and taste just like real thing, only with so much lesser calories!

1 box of 5 flavours cost $36
Shed your kilograms with AFC Chef’s Diet Risotto

now !!


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