My V day celebration!

Yesterday was my belated V day celebration!

Vday is such a special day because it marks the first date when we first go out together.

I decided that my fringe is getting wayyy toooo long, so I wanted to get a cut yesterday. But while I was on the way to my usual home salon, I met this really really creepy man!
He was hiding behind a wall before I went into the lift. And when the lift was about to go up, that creepy man came out from behind the wall and WAVE AT ME emotionally like a pervert! WTF!!

Why do I always meet strange men like this??!

I swear I wasn’t even dressed up to the nines, no hairdo and no makeup like the me in the pictures. I still can’t figure it out! ARGH! I have phobia for strangers which is also why I do not tend to look friendly while I’m walking alone.

Anw, the hairdresser wasn’t at home, so I didn’t get to cut my fringe until today. Now I have slightly shorter fringe at the eye level. *Yay!

Back to V day …
Gift exchange are necessary but nothing too fanciful or over the top.

I dislike flowers, balloons or teddy bears.
Something sincere will do the job. πŸ™‚

Prawn got me a bag pack for mine was spoilt.
while I got him a box of facial masks because he once said that he like the feeling of doing masks. ^^Β  Besides, he’s on night shift very often, facial masks can keep his face in tip top condition!

On top of that, I made him sweet chocolate cornflakes biscuits.
But I’m very disappointed with my makings; I think I chose the wrong chocolate to do this; it’s simply toooo sweet!

Nonetheless, it’s the thought that counts right?

Prawn asked me how I would like to celebrate Vday and I said a simple dinner will do.
So he actually suggested having mini pinic plus wine at some beach!

Aww! Romantic hor?? ^-^

The foodies which we brought along to Changi Village; Chicken wings, sushi, Tori Q

And WINE!!

Prawn cannot stand my cam-whoring habit! hahaha!

This is the forth Valentine’s Day which we celebrated together!
I remembered the first V day which was also our first date, we even took neoprint together! I remembered the awkwardness of posing with each other. LOL!

And I also remembered Prawn gave me a necklace craved with my name that day, but I replied
“Sorry leh! I never buy anything for you since you say just treat today like a normal day”
LMAO! I think I am too honest. HAHAHA.

The first date is always memorable. The jitters we have while we were on the way to meeting each other. Worrying about how the date will turn out to be like, will we have anything to say to each other and will we click with each other.

I think half the time I appeared like a stupid, intellectually declined princess girl. LOL.
I remembered he suggested walking to Chinatown from BUGIS. And I was in shock that I rejected it. LOL.

And obviously, the first date turns out to be a very very smooth one.
I was surprised at how comfortable I am with a total stranger then. πŸ™‚

It’s the forth Valentine’s day and this love will go on!

I love you!


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