Of surprises and more

Wow. It’s just the beginning of the recess week, and I’ve already created so much photo albums in FB. Horrendous. Recess week is for us to stay at home and study not to play!
But but …. with so many friends’ birthday coming up, how can we not celebrate?!

So I met up with some of the flowers to get birthday gift!

Pictures from my friend’s Iphone below …

And as you can tell, this group of friends are the cam-whore queens!

Damm! I love it! I need to get an I-phone! My lousy LG Arena has to go!

Happy Birthday Siok Wen!!
Hope you like the surprise celebration we have for you. ^^

I must say I am one of the few who still values friendship alot even though I’m attached.

More pictures of the celebration in the next entry. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Of surprises and more

  1. omg, so you all met up to buy my gift huh! HAHA! I did enjoyed myself and really thank u gals for celebrating my birthday during this busy recess week! =D

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