Olio Olio & Kbox $6 promo

Lunch @ Olio Olio.

I had Caesar Salad with Roast Chicken.
I’m not dieting! I just didn’t know what to eat.
I was actually quite full from it; there were bread crumbs, lettuce, eggs, chickens and many more!

Soup of the day: Lobster Soup with Garlic bread as well.

The food was ok, nothing fanciful.
I was actually quite bored with the salad’s selection of veggie. I would definitely love a variety of veggies instead of only lettuce.
There was a kind of fishy smell in the Lobster Soup; definitely not my favourite soup.
Will I go again? Probably not.


Birthday Celebration at Kbox!
With $6 promotion going on now in Kbox, it’s really a good idea to held ur birthday there!
We were allowed to sing from 2pm to 5pm.

It’s a surprise celebration we had for Siok Wen.
Aww…look at the birthday banner put up by the Kbox crew. Lovely isn’t it?

The birthday girl and I.

I’m pretty sure all of us had a good time over there!


My smoky eyes captured by Hui Mei’s DSLR.
I’m using Lavender colour for this and I love it!

Ending off with a group picture of Flowers!
Officially 七朵花 now!



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