Maturity changes style

Recently, I’m very in love with dresses that have mesh overlay like the one above.
The above is girly and feminine; something which I don’t see myself wearing in the past.
I’m turning 22 in about a month’s time. This could just be the reason why.

Oh and my stupid ear infection is killing me. 😦
I feel like dying because it is getting painful for me.
I just started using the ear drop but it doesn’t seem to get better.
If  I don’t get any better, I’ll go for my NUH appointment next friday.

I cannot decide whether toothache is worse or this.
Either way, it felt terrible.


6 thoughts on “Maturity changes style

  1. hey are you ok now?
    try to get parasetamol if the pain is worse. And ear -infections are important , go to the doctor as soon as possible!
    and i am medschool student by the way 🙂
    hope you will be better soon dear !

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