Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Minerals BB cream

So I was given Maybelline’s BB cream the other day when i attended their focus group.

Both are Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Mineral BB cream; the first tube is the older packaging while the second tube is the newer packaging.

I like the newer packaging as the green is more refreshing and looks cleaner. Isn’t it? Well, there were also a couple who said that the older packaging looks more professional and look atas.

Oh well, in any case, these BB creams prove to give 8 benefits:
-improve clarity
-better appearance
-more even tone
-less redness
-more hydration
-fewer lines

It seems like the newer version has colour selection, which is an improvement from the older version.

Here’s a swatch of the BB cream:

Apparently, the older version has a much lighter colour than the newer version’s Natural. Therefore, the older version’s colour suits my skintone better. But imo, it is also abit greyish on my skin. Many girls tested it out on their skin and find that the Newer version suits them better. Probably, in the sunny Singapore, most girls have natural skintone that suits the newer version better.

And it also seems like the newer version is slightly thicker and has more coverage than the older version.

Both are not sticky and is very light-weight. Great for daily use.
Will I recommend? Yes, natural enough for daily use.  No if you really need coverage
However, I’d suggest it to girls who have neither tan nor fair complexion; skin colour that’s average suits the best imo.

**This is not an advertorial**


7 thoughts on “Maybelline’s Clear Smooth Minerals BB cream

  1. hi vivian! u have tried so many different brands of bb cream! so which one is your fav and which one has the best oil control in your opinion?? 🙂

    1. Hi Ashlyn! My favourite has got to be Skin79’s BB Cream as it adheres to all skintone! Second best would be Elisha Coy’s …

  2. i used this bb cream and it lasts longer if we compared it to other liquid foundation. my skin is acne-prone skin and oily but this bb cream suits me well…

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