A mask a day keeps up the face

Workload these few weeks are going to be really heavy for me.
With so many poems on hand to memorise and reports to work on, I doubt I can even breathe. Exams are not too far away. And poor me, why is my birthday on that month?!
I don’t even feel like celebrating it.

Well, that’s school. Isn’t it?
School = Students + Dying

I’m prepared to overwork.

However I’ll try to work on my blog as soon as I can. Alright?
I have more reviews coming up for the acne prone skin and people who just want to maintain their skin. So stay tune.  ^-^

I’ve also checked out some items from the fabulous thesamplestore.sg !
Will blog about it once I received the items.

Despite my busy schedule, I still take time to do masks twice weekly.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a mask a week keeps up the face.

I feel good even with my bare nude skin the next day.
So girls, put on ur mask and relax for 15 mins. Your skin will thank you and you will feel more refreshed too!


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